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SharePoint Online New Experience Problems

SharePoint Online New Experience Problems

So – this is my first Tech post on the Bri Is SharePoint blog.  I ran into an interesting situation today, and thought that I should post about it.

I have many clients on SharePoint Online.  And I’ll admit, the features and capabilities are cool with the added bonus of not having to host, but that is a conversation for a different time.  What I want to discuss is the hassle caused by the “New Experience” vs the “Classic Experience”.  If you have been using SharePoint Online, you probably know that there is a “New Experience” being rolled out.  This is great, but it seems to take away a lot of features – such as editing the library page.  Another issue that I am running into is not being able to change back to the new experience once I have reverted to the old experience.  I am still researching this issue… so I’ll keep you updated…

Now to the crux – Some libraries look like the new experience and some look like the classic experience.  Another caveat… the client would like to have “Sticky” column headers… This is fine for the classic experience but not for the new one.  And then, what if the libraries in classic mode somehow change back to the new experience.  This could cause a whole host of problems.

I decided to create a page for each library and apply the sticky headers JavaScript through the master page.  It may not be the neatest of solutions, but it allowed me to find a solution, in the small number of hours allotted in the project, that will work for the client.

I just wanted to pass this on in case anyone else was stuck in a similar situation.