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SharePoint 2013 Workflows… Awesome

So, recently, when working at a client site, a password expired.  You can imagine the fun that ensued from that.  Not all of the app pools got updated, so the account locked and the password became invalid.  In the midst of all of this, 2013 Workflows stopped working.

I was getting a lot of unhelpful messages, starting with Scope can’t be found.  Well, it is pretty puzzling when the Scope that was working yesterday now can’t be found.

The long and short of this, after stopping the workflow manager (stop-sbfarm) and then changing the worklow accounts back to their original account, and starting the workflow manager again (start-sbfarm)… I had to re-register the scope.

Register-SPWorkflowService -SPSite <Any site> -workflowhosturi https://WFServer:12290 -Force

The kicker here is the -Force.  If you don’t use the -Force, you will get an error stating “Failed to register because the farm or partition is already registered with a workflow service”.

I will post more detailed commands later, as I’m still in the office and wanted to type this up before I forgot.

Also – coming soon, some REALLY in depth workflows about creating sites across site collections using SharePoint designer workflows, and updating list items in other site collections!  They were really fun to make!  I can’t wait to share them with you!